Car Insurance Advantages

Owning a car is a dream come true to a great deal of people. It is also wise to mention that a car is an asset that does come with a lot of liabilities. You should have capital to keep it moving. What will happen when you are driving you get injured or the vehicle is damaged. Another scenario is where you cause an injury to another person or his/her car. All these will need money to cover for your injury, the other person injury or to repair the damaged car(s). To cushion yourself against unexpected cost, that is where insurance cover do come in handy. Here are the main reasons why we need a car insurance as a basic necessity for a car owner.


Saves Time In case of an Accident


The post accident process is one of the endeavour that every car driver dislikes. The other person insurer will be after you, claim processes and other issues will be the order of the day. Having an insurance company will safeguard you against such as they will take care of many issues.


You Pay Less and Still Save


When it comes to insurance, you will basically pay a little amount after certain intervals and in the long run, you will have saved a lot. Insurance cover is always paid in small amounts and in case you are in need of emergency cash due to an accident, the insurer will stand for that on your behalf. This way, your account will have been protected against unnecessary and unexpected spending.


Protection from Reckless Drivers


You can be an elite driver but the other one driving next to you is a road hog. What will you do if you are not covered and the guy hits your car? You may certainly carry your own cross. A car with a comprehensive insurance cover will be saved by the insurer because his/her cover allow the insurer to chase after the other driver insurer. The insurance company of the reckless driver will be forced to pay for the damaged caused to you or your car or both.


The last but not the least is that a car insurance is always a requirement stipulated by the law to generally safeguard you. You should always have it or else you may fall prey to the long arms of the law and get penalized.


American Families and Car Insurance

We understand that the cost of car insurance might not be a consideration when selecting a new car. It of course is part of the total cost of ownership, and it’s usually the second highest expense, only behind the price you pay for the car. It’s a fact that insurers base customers policy premiums in part on what car is being covered, and every make and model is priced differently. Some are rather affordable, as recently discovered by Forbes when they looked at average insurance premiums. Unsurprisingly, many of the cheapest to insure are family-oriented vehicles, with minivans topping all comers. A mix of both American and Japanese choices are present, but Japan provides 70 percent of those here. but Sport utility vehicles and even a venerable Jeep also make appearances.


American families are rather fond of the Toyota Highlander, and really, there aren’t many reasons not to like this crossover SUV. It drives, handles and rides like a car, yet offers the flexibility that only a sport utility can offer. However, it is a bit cramped for space compared to some competitors. With an MSRP of $28,000, buyers can also expect an annual car insurance premium that averages at $1,154.02.

Our first American entry on the list, the Ford Escape is also a very popular car with families and those without them. We should note that the 2013 Escape will drop next summer, and it’s an all new model. In our opinion, it’s a much better looking vehicle, with design traits that share much in common with the looks of the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus. And we suspect it will bring the Escape to the top of the heap in the small SUV segment. But, if you’re ok with a soon to be out of date model, you’ll probably find decent deals off the MSRP of $21,240. You can also expect to pay an average car insurance premium of $1,150.26 annually.

There’s no doubt that equipping a Toyota Sienna with a V6 is a superior experience to one that has the base four-cylinder engine under the hood. Even better, the V6 is rated for 19 city/24 highway in EPA estimated fuel economy – that’s the exact same numbers the littler engine puts out. MSRP starts at $26,145 and buyers can expect an average annual insurance cost of $1,142.94.

We won’t lie. Even though the Odyssey offers nimble and competent handling, it, like other minivans, isn’t exactly fun to drive. But you could do much worse than the Odyssey, as it’s either at, or near, the top of its class segment. The EX is an upscale version, but it’s by no means the highest trim level available on Honda’s people mover. MSRP clocks in at $31,225 and buyers will find an average annual insurance cost of $1,138.16.

Some would consider the Jeep Wrangler a bit uncivilized, even if engineers have added a bit more refinement – just a bit – to this venerable off-road capable classic. But it is so much fun, even if you’re not taking advantage of its ability to tread in dirt, mud and climb near anything. Fuel economy is poor, but we suspect buyers won’t care. MSRP starts at $25,545 and the average annual insurance premium checks in at $1,131.27.

Nissan certainly isn’t afraid to take risks with the Murano platform, as it’s now offered in aconvertible version. Like all smaller SUVs, this mid-sized one doesn’t offer the vast space of full sized SUVs. Thus, you may find the Murano cramped for cargo space, even as it offers a wealth of interior space for passengers. The Murano has an MSRP of $29,290 and buyers should expect an average annual insurance premium of $1,127.89.

Unlike the offering from Toyota, Honda’s entry level LX trim doesn’t skimp with a four cylinder power plant. But then, the Honda is also considerably more expensive than the base Sienna as well. With a starting MSRP of $28,075, drivers of this people hauler can expect an average annual insurance premium of $1,114.62.

The LE trim level offers a few nice upgrades over the base Sienna, including a V6 standard, 8 passenger seating, and entertainment options like iPod input and bluetooth, not to mention electronic stability control (ESC), as standard features. With an MSRP just north of $26,000, buyers of this minivan will pay an average annual car insurance premium of $1,107.70.


The cheapest to insure of the three Toyota Siennas on this top list is of course the cheapest one you can buy. Even though this is a base model, it can still come nicely equipped, even though we think you’d be better off selecting the LE or SE trims. MSRP for the Toyota Sienna is $25,060, and buyers will pay an average annual car insurance premium of $1,100.66.


Car Insurance

Feeling protected is something that anyone values. You want to put your mind at rest that, if at all possible, you will have a trouble free life in all respects. That is why insurance was created, and that is fundamentally the concept behind it. Car insurance is one of the main types of coverage, and in most countries it is a must to have an auto policy as otherwise it would be illegal to drive a vehicle on the road, read more. Most people have very little idea of the intricacies relating to auto insurance, and this is just why this blog was created. We look forward to offer you interesting and helpful articles that will help you understand various insurance related stuff better. In such a way you will be able to make well informed choices when shopping for a car insurance cover, and you will also be able to understand the jargon better.


Inevitably, just as there are countless different types of vehicles, makes and models, there are also different types of car insurance policies so as to suit drivers’ varying circumstances, needs and preferences.
As already stated, in most countries people can not drive their vehicles on the roads without such a cover. However, many people purchase car insurance products because it makes sense to cover financial risks associated with their automobile, and not because some government body is insisting on such a cover. The least cover that any car insurance provider offers is, therefore, the cover that is stipulated by the government. This is the third party fire and theft.
It is important to dedicate some time to research what different insurance providers are offering. However, this does not mean that you should focus only on the premium that has to be paid. Obviously most people tend to consider only the monetary issue, as they want to reduce their expenses as much as possible. However, wouldn’t it be better to have a more comprehensive cover that can resolve all your possible negative scenarios related to your car and your driving? In case of an accident, you will at least be covered well. In fact most comprehensive covers will also provide the benefit of a rental car while your car is being repaired. Towing services are often provided too in case your car breaks down or after an accident. Legal assistance may also be offered should the case require this, or should you end up in a trial because of an accident. So all in all a comprehensive cover will be worth the higher premium in most cases. After all, car accidents happen all the time, and so it could well be you next time. Find out more.


Some policies may even include some terms and conditions in the contract that allows them to walk away without paying anything should those terms and conditions not be fulfilled. Thus an insurance buyer should take the time to understand whatever is written in the contract papers and compare with what others in the industry are offering.We look forward to help you understand your car insurance policy and related matters.